35mm Film – Not Just for Hipsters

Gimme that grain! 🙂 You don’t have to be a hipster to shoot 35mm film these days…

Rummage through family treasure hoards, find some film cameras lurking there. Pick up some chemicals and canisters off ebay. Invest in a good scanner. Google Arista edu film. Buy some. Read a ton of websites and manuals. Shoot, develop, scan, repeat. It’s worth it to spend more time off the computer, well except for the scanning…alternatively, opt to just develop and have someone else print.

You don’t need a darkroom to develop film, it’s really only necessary for prints. Printing is a large investment of space and time, not money. Full setup can be less than $400. For the film, a “dark bag” will do accompanied by your bathroom sink.

There is the question of ethics when talking about film and chemicals. It’s better for the environment if we don’t continue to dump chemicals into it. They have to go somewhere and it’s not being evaporated into space.

Technically speaking…not the best photos, but treasures to me and my heart…