A Little Pinch of Magic Aurora Dust

Let’s get this out of the way first – Aurora is magical.

Now – Hello! I love mornings so damn much. Everything is so fresh and nothing has been tired of – yet. The coffee is hot and delicious. Yes, I fully admit to being a coffee addict. Black only ever though. None of that sugary or milky stuff will ever touch the hallowed liquid that is pure rich dark black coffee. Won’t do it. If you ever see me adding anything to my coffee, I need to be rescued from whatever space cell the aliens are holding my real self in.

So this photo was taken on the Boston harbor at sunset. If you have ever been down here, especially on the weekends, you know that photographers line up (in good weather of course) along the fan pier with their enormous tripods and become ill at east with you if you try to find a spot that’s not in their frame. But it’s always in their frame!! Is that a fish-eye lens my friend?! (This is what photoshop is for)

This is a classic Boston skyline shot and it’s a bit overshot, but I LOVE it. I love sitting at the tables next to the Daily Catch restaurant, watching people each expensive seafood, watching the sunset cruises come and go, and watching the photographers take the same long exposure over and over again from the same spot – all night! I used to work around this area for four years and would come, eat lunch here and take walk breaks here. There have been a lot of changes in the seaport (because we are technically in the seaport here) and where this area was not particularly highly trafficked – even just five years ago – now it’s insane. All the new luxury apartment buildings have been finished, the new office buildings have been completed. There are more going up, but a lot of them that weren’t there just five years ago are now live and active. There’s also a relatively new luxury hotel with a roof deck that people LOVE to party at. I miss the almost desolation of the seaport, I miss the historical chapel they tore down, and I miss walking across the footbridge only being met with runners and people that worked at the Trade Center. But it’s “progress” right?

ANYWAYS – I really wanted to talk about how I edited this photo. I used Aurora – the new one that just came out in October. I LOVE it. It’s so much faster. I had it before and it used to crawl on my computer so I stopped using it. I don’t have a lot of patience sitting around and doing nothing. I must always do something! But I couldn’t even use my internet browser at the same time. THAT has most definitely changed. Not only can I used both at the same time now, the load time for a photo/set of photos is amazingly fast compared to the old one. Also, it really is spectacular the improvements they made to the fundamental HDR image the software processes upon upload. There are hardly ever any ghosting, noise, or all that other funky stuff you get when you merge photos or try to create HDR from a single RAW image. It’s like magic!!

Which is why I say I sprinkled this photo with some magic Aurora dust. BTW I created my own preset but the software has some already in there for you to try out. Also – I didn’t get paid anything to say this 🙂 I’ll most more Aurora photos soon!


Molly Kate