A Twisted Tale of Turns and Twigs

Turns and curves in nature – I just wanted to post this for the title. 🙂 But in all seriousness – how insane is this tree? Nature never disappoints with its unique and strange, just as much as with its symmetry and consistency. It is an infinite-edged spectacle. And I stand in awe, and try to keep my jaw from falling open all the time. Nature is the only pure cure we have. All else is shallow. Get thee to the forest! There is much healing that can be had just being surrounded by the beauty of life – of healthy eco systems (if they even truly exist anymore as we have ruined almost every corner of our planet).

I always think of this tree as having a personality, I would imagine it as a dancer, twisting and bending in the sun’s glory, making a poem in pure joy from basking in such splendor. 🙂