A Weekend in Chicago

Somewhere on Sunday – Chicago!

Isn’t it fun to travel? To seek out new places, explore new streets, new landscapes, new mountains! To always keep expanding your body and mind with knowledge, experiences, memories, places, fresh sensations and sounds, rather than with objects. How can you expand your mind with a new piece of jewelry, video game, shirt, lamp, phone, or whatever else people might by when they spend their whole weekend in Target rather than in a good book, or a good hike. Is that receipt from TJ Maxx really as rewarding as the view from the top of a mountain after a four hour hike, or the satisfying happy belly feeling after taking your time with a delicious dinner with a friend? I don’t think so.

Go somewhere new today. Go walking.

If it’s cold or raining, or even sunny but you want to relax inside before going for a walk, come to Chicago with me 🙂 I promise it won’t be dull. Of course, I believe being dull or boring or being bored is a choice. People only get bored if they are boring. Interesting people are interesting because of their interests (of which they have many) and don’t get bored. Boring people are boring because they have no interests. I digress….

Back to the topic at hand!

Chicago, oh chicago! How you spoiled me with your impressive architecture, your classic streets, your characters! How I am grateful to have basked in your summers and not realize the rumors of your windy chilly winters.

In this city, I walked and walked and walked, and walked until my legs couldn’t hold me anymore. I didn’t sleep. I drank a few coffees. I danced. I made some friends and met the love of my life. It was a dream. It was magical.

This will always be a special place. That is the magic of traveling if you focus on the experience and memories and say yes more than you say no. I didn’t spend a lot of money. I went alone. I didn’t stay alone for long, but also didn’t mind being alone when I was. I LOVE being alone 🙂  Especially with my camera! Lose the fear and you gain much.

The ballet school was playing in the fountain. They were gracious enough to allow a crowd of photographers to take their photograph, many photographs, including mine. I wonder if they thought we were crazy or odd or cool. I couldn’t tell…

I couldn’t leave without getting a shot of this one, now could I? A tad blurry as it may be…

Going out into the world alone opens you up to so much. To people, to experiences – you are not compromising for another person’s trajectory. You are exploring your own interests. It’s not selfishness, no matter how some might see it. Selfishness only seems to have an impact only when traveling with others. It is when we relate ourselves to others that we find a self and an other and some of the time conflicting interests. Being just us – there is no self, there is no other, we are the other and self at the same time. Thoughts to be reviewed for another article… 🙂

Anyways, have a happy Sunday 🙂