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Boston – Home Base

Ahhh Boston…there are so many things wrong with you…but I still love you and probably always will. 🙂 I don’t know if my attachment with Boston is because I was born here, raised near here, and then returned for college and work for the past four to five years. I don’t know if I would love or hate this city if I was not from here. I don’t know how I would see it from the outside. So, in a way to introduce you to where my home base is now, I have written a brief unique (non-love) letter to this unique city. Oh, there will be many more articles about Boston, this is only the beginning! 🙂 boston from above

Dear Boston,

I don’t know if anyone has told you (probably many), your roads and drivers are insane. First of all, your roads were built for horses, not cars, or bikes, or TRUCKS for that matter. I was born in you (that came out wrong) and I still have trouble comprehending the nature of your pathways and intersections and the nature of the people that drive on them.


You get really freikin cold! It’s hard to be around someone who gives you a chilly attitude for six months out of the year. That’s all I have to say about that.
remember this?
car covered by snow
Ya…remember this?


You have allowed way too many universities to be built upon your not so expansive territory. I mean, this can be a good thing, because you are overflowing with knowledge, research, and resources. However, many of those young students that are living in an American four year fantasy have turned housing across the city and the traffic on September 1st into a nightmare. They have flooded the city, coffee shops, and bars with their immaturity. I don’t mind a few universities, but 35?!? Come on, couldn’t you have spared the rest of the population (the mature working professionals and families) a little bit from the impact of self-absorbed, unaware, incomprehensible college youth (that I never once was)? fenway from above


How did you get your citizenry to be so passionate about sports? I mean, it’s as if there is nothing else to do in this place other than to watch sports, talk about sports, drink in sports bars, etc. I’m not talking about sports that I like, I’m talking about the most boring sport in the world – baseball. (Sorry baseball fans). Come on – the fact that you got millions of people to be so into a sport that involves so much waiting, sitting around, more waiting, chewing tobacco, etc. is a true miracle. I think the chewing tobacco is the real sport here! Boston Bruins stadium

Despite this

Boston, you are beautiful. You are walk-able and small. You have a bloody and disturbing history. You have both cranky people and very friendly people. I think sometimes visitors misjudge or misunderstand you. You are fun! There are always things going on and even though events may not be as big as Chicago, San Francsico, or New York, you do pretty good. One thing we need to talk about is your “progress” or what people think is “progress”. You are becoming increasingly gentrified and expensive. People that used to be able to afford to live close to downtown, no longer can. Projects and Section 8 housing is being relocated from what used to be undesirable locations, but are now becoming the hottest new area in the city to buy and rent real estate.

Take Southie for example.

Southie used to be a working class neighborhood and now it is a haven for yuppies and rich wealthy families. There are people that still live there from many years ago, but rents are increasing, prices are increasing. There are more luxury apartment buildings built on what used to be old houses/apartments, open spaces, or older restaurants. I even lived there for a few years before it became too expensive for me and my landlord wanted to raise my rent by $700! First of all, that should be illegal. He was a greedy bastard. I had to move because I couldn’t afford anywhere else in the neighborhood.

Rents skyrocketed

Even just in the last five years! Another observation is you see more young professionals with a lot of money, nicer cars, nicer clothes (I don’t know why you would have a nice car and street parking in Southie, just don’t). Instead of affordable clothing shops and restaurants, there have only been luxury boutiques, pricey restaurants, and even STARBUCKS. I just slightly vomited. When they approved the starbucks, I couldn’t believe it. It was sickening and that’s when I knew what the neighborhood would become and that there wasn’t enough of a fight from local residents (because there aren’t enough left who care!). An expensive, yuppie, wealthy, hipster heaven. yuppie mamas with baby strollers So progress in you, Boston seems to only be primarily for the wealthy, students (Harvard/MIT), or yuppies/hipsters. Which is NOT progress. Progress is when you involve everyone, not leave behind or push out the folks that cannot afford the ridiculously expensive rents and other costs of living OR those that you would rather sweep under the rug and pretend they don’t exist. Every city has its issues. But don’t think for one second that you, Boston, are a progressive city. From an insider who is not part of the 1%, it is NOT. Get your shit together, Sincerely, Molly

Anyways, that is a random shpeal about where I come from, and where I live (for now….). Just a river of thoughts as I think about this place. I have a large gallery of photographs since this is where I have spend the most time. Check it out here if you want to see more of Boston on a visual level. 🙂 Click here to see gallery!