Calle Lourdes in Loja, Ecuador

Calle Lourdes…Loja, Ecuador. A quiet street in the middle of the day with interesting and colorful architecture, remnants of the Spanish colonial influence. Tiles in the middle of the narrow street were beautifully crafted to add an elegance to the walkway. I felt the sense that this street was just for looking rather than feeling the energy and pace of life in other parts of the small southern city.

I brought only the fisheye lens with me on this walk, as it’s so much easier and freeing so to speak to just bring one camera, one lens and work within those limits rather than bringing a bag and wondering if I should change my lenses for each shot. 🙂 As Calle Lourdes is such a small and narrow street, I would not have been able to get the full building in here with a normal or wide angle lens. Cheers!