Catalonia vs. Spain

Before I left for Barcelona, most of the folks I talked to about where I was going didn’t know that it was located in a region that was autonomous and very different from the rest of Spain. Or that it had it’s own language, culture, and traditions. Or that it had an independence referendum in 2017 that was declared illegal by Spain.┬áSpain wasn’t even a democracy until 1975 and during Franco’s time, Catalan language and culture was suppressed.

It’s interesting to me, the show of nationalism I see in other countries, specifically national flags, because it is so different than where I live in the US. In the United States, there are some people that hang USA flags around their house, but the majority don’t. Only schools, government buildings, summer camps, some cars/trucks, other official buildings, etc. We don’t really do this in neighborhoods or residential areas. There have been more after Trump was elected, but still not much.

In the countries I’ve been, flags are everywhere, especially in Spain in Catalonia (Catalunya). Northern Ireland, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, etc. Especially in people’s apartments in the cities and homes in the country.

yellow flags tied to a railing