Cotopaxi – a rare sighting!

Everyone, say hello to Cotopaxi, an active volcano in Ecuador located just south of Quito. Cotopaxi enjoys spending its days surrounded by clouds, being climbed by hikers and bikers alike, and posing for photos. It is the second highest summit in Ecuador and stands at an elevation of approx. 20,000ft. Hi Cotopaxi!

Charming, really. This is one volcano that likes to keep a shroud of mystery about it. The day I arrived was the first day in weeks (the inn-owner said) it had been clear to see Cotopaxi. The days following were also dreary and gray and the massive peak was not visible. Suffice it to say, I was really really lucky to grab this shot. I only stayed for the one night. Then it was off to somewhere else. However, the glimpse of this volcano was something magical. Ecuador, with it’s elevation changes and volcanos and well basically everything is beautiful, is a completely different landscape and is SO big, it’s engulfing. You can’t help but feel so small and as if you could just be swallowed by the scale of things there.

I stayed at the Rondador Cotopaxi hostel/inn/hotel. It’s right off the main highway and on the road leading into to one of the entrances to Cotopaxi. I was the only one there! The owners, Jenny and her husband were so nice, and the food they made was incredible. I quickly became obsessed with a soup called locro de papas, a popular potato soup in Ecuador. All the food in Ecuador was incredible actually. Everything was fresh and homemade and in most cases, made by the owners. You could most definitely taste the difference. Also, everyone has fireplaces, and most importantly, they use them! They are not gas, real wood fireplaces, real wood fires. I could live there if I didn’t feel like an invader in the country.