In with the New in Ecuador

In Baños de Agua Santa in Ecuador, there’s a school in the middle of town and everyone gets out in the early afternoon for lunch and a break, like what we would call a “siesta”. What a beautiful thing. We need to work on this, and I’m talkin to you, USA. Sigh…

Not in Baños, but in another place, I did a lot of driving and saw a lot of times during the day where school was let out, whether for the lunch/afternoon break or later. I saw really young kids, walking along the side of the road (where there are no sidewalks), by themselves, holding hands, staying together, but no adults. I was impressed. They were very independent. These kids looked to be five years or six years old. I also saw older kids walking younger kids, no adults. I never saw any fighting between them. On that same note, I never saw a child in Ecuador being disrespectful to her or his parents or throwing a hissy fit, and I saw A LOT of kids. This was also impressive. I was there for two weeks and traveled all the way from North to South of the country. Compared to New England, everywhere I go, everywhere I see kids, there’s ALWAYS someone not being nice, back talking their parents, crying because they didn’t get a toy, fighting etc. I saw NONE of this anywhere in Ecuador, to the point that I noticed it, and it felt so weird, but in the best way possible. Even in the malls where I got some provisions. Nada!