Lloret de Mar – Costa Brava

In Lloret de Mar on the Costa Brava, there’s a place called “Jardines de Santa Clotilde”. The pictures looked beautiful online, but when I arrived thirty minutes before they closed, I was not permitted to enter. I did consider jumping the fence and seeing if the attendant was fast enough to catch me, but she looked pretty spry so I thought better and turned around. That had been my goal of the afternoon so I was left with no plans. I noticed there was a hiking path around the corner so I took it. It went downhill for a short while before it came out to this incredible beach!

the beach at sunset, bright warms cover the rocks and hills of the cliff that falls into the ocean

The waves were fierce and they made me tremble a little in my sneakers. I dodged across them to reach a farther part of the beach that was cut off by high waves at one point. The sun was setting and the color that fell across half the landscape was rich and warm. Not wanted to be stranded, I dodged back across the waves to the main part of the beach and settled myself on a nice tall rock to watch the sun dip behind the hills.

the people you meet in life…

That’s when an old man approached me and said hello. He was about 90 years young with a face that had seen many sunny days. I had noticed him when I arrived, he had been sitting atop the highest rock, simply staring out to sea. He was interested in my camera and started talking to me about photography….in Catalan. Somehow we managed to have an hour long conversation, I don’t know how, because I spoke very little Catalan/Castilian Spanish and he didn’t speak English as far as he let on. Regardless we managed to talk about family, life, living, the simple joys, the differences between Cataluyna and the rest of Spain, Spain and the United States, politics, philosophy…and seemed to understand each other.

As we said goodbye after the sun had set, I was still thinking about our conversation. He told me he comes to that beach every morning and night for the sunrise and sunset…never misses them if he can help it. He was also retired and had the time to do that. I couldn’t help but think how many sunrises and sunsets I don’t bother to take a moment to stop and admire because I am going to work or leaving work after the sunsets…