Lowell Folk Festival – Free!

The Lowell Folk Festival just happened and I CANNOT believe it was free. It’s a folk festival in Lowell, MA, right in the National Park (yes, there are park rangers here, see evidence below). I felt like they should have been chasing down Smokey bear in the forest instead of driving golf carts around the urban jungle, but hey, it’s only tax dollars that go into that, right? There were only about 15 of them and they seemed to be doing nothing but goofing off and talking to each other. I digress. My favorite band the festival brought was the Colombian group Tribu Baharu. They, by no small feat, were able to being  New Englanders onto their feet to dance. The New Englanders that had brought camping/beach chairs with them and had plunked themselves down in front of the stage. Plunked down! To listen to Colombian champeta  – which is dance music, for dancing! Not plunking! New Englanders/Bostonians are a tough crowd for musicians. Except for the folk musicians that might make you fall asleep. We love that here. Just sitting and listening 🙂 That’s us. (some of the plunkers below) the crowd watchers at the concert I was impressed by the level of energy here. I’ve been to quite a few “festivals” in New England and this was one of the best if not the best! The largest, most organized and not to mention the free part again, festival. There were so many food stalls with different types from all over. It was fun. It was fantastic. Here are some of my favorite images from the event: I just adore the flower in the woman’s hair – right in the middle. 🙂 Downtown Lowell’s historic section is beautiful, but you can see the effects of gentrification and the widening of the income gap throughout. Interesting place.