Nashville – Tennesee

Nashville. There is something exciting about going to a place that is nothing like the one in which you live. A place that is new and different than your day to day. That’s why people (including me) fantasize about travel. It’s like a new romance. You find out about the destination of your desire and you like it. The photos online are beautiful. You hear good things about it from others and it sounds even better and you get more excited. The plan is made to go and discover it for yourself. You prepare and think about how your trip will be constantly. Then you actually go and it’s so new and fresh for you, it’s exciting. You are most likely on vacation so you don’t have any worries of your daily responsibilities. You can afford it. It’s like the fall winds or spring flowers. You take photos for memories. Then once you leave, you remember the good times, the beautiful things. That is, of course, if everything goes well.

Even though the US is one country, albeit seemingly never united, if you travel just 6-8 hours, the culture can be so different. Each state is different, each quadrant or section is different. The Northeast is a completely different beast than the south or the west, for better or worst.

To be honest, I tire of the culture in Massachusetts very quickly. My family is here and my current job is here, but that’s pretty much the only allegiance I have. The winters are harsh and cold, summers hot and humid, the culture is rough, hurried, and overcrowded. There are not a lot of parks or natural spaces, no mountains, beaches are polluted and way overcrowded. The traffic is terrible. If someone was planning to move here, I would tell them to run away very fast. Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine are lovely. I am not referring to them here.

Anyways, I digress.

I crave a friendlier, warmer people. People like me, who smile at you on the street and say hi when you pass each other, and don’t just stare at the space behind you as if you don’t exist. This is why I took a trip to Nashville and New Orleans to discover if it was true what people say about southern states and their hospitality. Or friendliness.

Nashville first 🙂

It was as they say! Mostly everyone was so friendly and I didn’t spend my time in the touristy areas, so it’s not like they had to be or were other fellow excited tourists. Nobody treated me like I had a disease, which is sometimes how I feel in Massachusetts.

There is a mass exodus into this city, so it may change the culture. It happens in cities. It happened in Boston. For good or bad.

I usually find myself in back alley, smoke-filled, rough and real places, bars and dusty pool halls, with normal people. Not tourists, not yuppies or hipsters, just normal people. Like Rudy – who evidently works at M&M Oil? I’m not sure that’s a real place, or even if his name is really Rudy… 🙂 I think you end up in what you attract and I must attract this sort of raw unpretentious atmosphere, with good music of course.

The only bar I enjoyed in the touristy area of downtown Nashville (Broadway) was Robert’s Western World and that band that was playing there in the early afternoon. They were fantastic and older and played really good music, not this “bro-country” shit that was in every other bar on Broadway.

Just a few thoughts on my trip to Nashville, check back for more!