Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier. I had just driven from the Grand Canyon to here and I had never been west before! I made it to 25 years old without having been past Mississippi. So I finally got myself here. And I totally dig it. I LOVE the west. It’s so different from the East, but in a really good way. Everything felt more laid back. This could have been because I was on vacation though. Regardless, it felt like people were going on a difference pace. Not racing to get everywhere.

Santa Monica Pier is definitely touristy – definitely kitchy – if that is even a word. Rides, greasy food, caricature artists. It’s interesting. I also lost track of how many people I saw lining up to take their picture next to the Route 66 END sign pole. I was one of them, with pride!! I don’t care if I “look” like a tourist. That’s what I was/am. 🙂