Seaside in Cadaques

Cadaques…what can I say? you stole my heart and didn’t gave it back when I left…

From my rainy weekend in Barcelona to Cadaques, I learned pretty quick to say…un café solo para llevar, si us plau…which means a cafe solo to go please 🙂 for anyone who doesn’t know, Cadaques is in Catalunya, which many consider a different country altogether especially in the recent resurgence of revolutionary independence moments across the region, even though it’s technically part of Spain. Catalan is the language spoken here, which is a mix of castilian spanish, french, italian, etc. Most also know how to speak Castilian, which is generally the rest of Spain’s Spanish.

Catalan is a real language and even has several dialects depending on the region. It was actually banned in Spain until very recently, in 1975. In a small country in the middle of the Pyranees, Andorra, this is actually the only official language. It’s a beautiful language!

Check out the band Txarango, especially the song Mils Ocells. 🙂

My nightly meal of pizza from the market, so yummy 🙂 The wine was a special treat, it cost me three euro for the bottle and was better than most wines that have cost me twenty bucks in Boston.

The town has a beautiful walkway from edge to edge along the ocean. It’s a very small town which makes it a nice quiet peaceful place to just relax for a couple of days and be next to the sea. There were not many tourists since this was in November, I’m sure it’s a different story during the summer months.