Spicing up the Subway

Welcome to the Boston Subway aka the MBTA or just the “T”…infamous…squeaky…shaky…and expensive. But it’ll do right? The buses are in a bit better shape because a few new ones were placed in service last year or the year before. Fancy hybrid ones. The actual subway however? Nope nada. The focus is more on extending the lines further outside the city where people might actually be able to afford a place to live rather than improving the lines they already have. And improvement, they need. But that’s fine – they’ll just keep building those new “luxury” apartment villages right behind one of the biggest electrical grid near the city and onward so folks can feel a sense of connection to the city. They still have to have a 30min ride in – depending on where you get off.

This photo is from one of the red line stations north of Harvard. It’s either most definitely Porter or Davis. I can’t believe I actually forget! I’ve been on those lines so much in the last few years. Anyways, each of the stations have their own unique architecture or designs and this is an example of one of them. Pretty neat right? Even if you feel like you are riding the escalator the long way to hell. 🙂 It’s sooo long you could probably have time for a lunch or a nap!

Bostonian tip – no one calls it the MBTA – just say the “T” and you won’t get any confused looks.