Street Photography in Chicago

Street photography is typically an individual endeavor. One person, one camera, and the streets. That’s it. But what happens when you get a bunch of people together who are all crazy about street photography in the same place and go on a walk?

Well, in this man’s case, we got a lot of laughs. Our group stopped at this giant window which created amazing reflections of the Chicago downtown area. He was watching all of us from inside this pizza restaurant and started smiling, in which case, someone, of course!, took his photo, then another, then another, then another. They were all waving and smiling at him and he just couldn’t help but give off this amazing sheepish grin. I was in the back watching this. He was a good sport. It was like paparazzi! After everyone had moved on, I just waved, smiled, gave him a thumbs up question mark, he shrugged, laughing and of course, I then snapped one for the road.

The movement of a group of photographers who get together in the city for a photo walk is quite like that of a flock of small sparrows that are flying through the air together. They look like a dark cloud and move with smooth inertia. Usually one person veers right or left, and then the group follows, then the other way, then straight, then down alleys and crossing streets. It’s quite enough to keep up and not lose the group and also be concentrating on photos as well! And this is why street photography is best alone, but just plain fun together.