Surprising Spontaneity

Today is about spontaneity. I love people. Good people. 🙂 I love open people, you know those folks that smile at you as you walk by on the streets and say “hi” or “have a good day”? They have their heart open to the streets, to the world, to others. They go with the ebb and flow of spontaneous interactions. They make your day. Their energy is contagious and they can instantaneously change your mood with a smile or a laugh or a simple nod and gesture. This woman is one of those people. She rocks. She also knows how to dress and to pose – I love that outfit! and that smile!

There’s a place and time for “street photography”. I’m not one of those people that goes around sticking a flash in others faces or using a zoom lens, or even a 50mm lens to get superficially close to others to steal a moment of their life to keep for myself and others I share it with. I like to stay covert or respectful. I ask with a smile or wave. I like to go with the flow and not force anything, to enjoy the present and the atmosphere, the streets, and then when the moment presents itself, I am ready and fluid. This was one of those moments. Street photography is not a hunt. It’s a walk in the woods to nowhere, the purpose of which is to simply take in all the trees and birds, squirrels, stumps and roots, etc.