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Thanks for the Jeep!

A Jeep is a beautiful thing. Oh the places we’ll go! On a recent trip to Puerto Rico, I rented an economy car, but the company was all out. The only thing they had left was a Jeep. The employee working at the counter asked me if that was okay and I gave him a big smile and said hell yes!! I was accompanied by someone born and raised in PR, so this was even better news.

Which is how we came to this place in the photo. Off road, sunrise, beach, no people, perfect sand, perfect weather, I had arrived at everything and nothing all at once. Well, except for the destruction that lay over the hill of sand and palm trees I am looking at in the photo from Maria. There will be many more photos from this place, but this was the first after landing and never having been to the Caribbean before (as a 27 year old), I was speechless.