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The Graffiti of Río Piedras – San Juan, Puerto Rico

Río Piedras is a neighborhood in San Juan, Puerto Rico known for its graffiti. It’s not popular with tourists because it doesn’t have the reputation as being particularly safe. It is more inland, which means further away from beaches, fancy hotels, and Old San Juan which tourists tend to prefer. Which is why I felt more relaxed here. I really can’t stand tourist areas.

It was raining and quiet on a sunday in June. The streets were empty except for a few people. Shops were closed. Somehow this made the graffiti speak louder, scream actually.

graffiti of aliens, beautiful birds, lizards, exotic creatures

graffiti of beautiful intricate golden bird

empty street in black and white while raining

Fever Ray – Keep the Streets Empty for Me

graffiti that says gringo go home

My personal favorite – Gringo Go Home
more graffiti

graffiti, fujifilm, black and white, photography

rooster, gaino, photography, rio piedras, puerto rico, san juan

graffiti, photography, fujifilm, puerto rico, san juan

There are a lot of students here. Students all around the world tend to be the ones to spark protest and action. The graffiti stands as a protest without violence, without active police beatings and tear gas. It lasts for a long time. It says we are active and don’t like how things have become. We will not be silent. Plus, we like roosters. 🙂