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X Here X There – First Things First

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Howdy! And welcome to X Here X There…the beginning of something…. I would like to hope it’s the beginning of something beautiful…hope is always beautiful no? – perhaps a beautiful friendship between me, my x camera, words, places and photographs. (and maybe you too! Yes, I really mean you!) As always, in the beginning of things, it’s hard to know where to start, how to introduce something, what do you say? Well – I’m just going to stumble through this, because that’s just me and how things will probably go here. Most people have an outline for these sort of things, but I usually end up “winging-it”. Which can be fun! It can also be at times seriously disorganized and disorienting. Let me know is that starts to happen, ya? (there is a Google document out there…somewhere…for this)

X Here X There

best travel lenses, lenses, fujifilm, best travel camera, travel cameraI don’t have an elevator pitch because I don’t care for elevators or short stressed thirty seconds of vomiting a inadequate summary of your complex being and dreams. Rather, what I can say now is that this “website” is, at this moment, as clearly as you see it now: a bare, new, undeveloped, word-press-driven internet-based layers of code and interface that looks like a blog. In future moments, it might be defined as a fully developed, styled collection/journal of photography and a recountive memoire of both simple or outrageous exploits/adventures yet to be had. Or not. Let’s see, shall we?!

So kick back, relax, grab a coffee/tea, beer/wine or glass of water or whatever your poison be, and get ready for a roll of photographs and words from which my mind, fingers, and a hopefully never ending supply of internet and photo storage, drop onto this “figurative” page.

Ok, I think that’s it for now. Come back soon! Oh – and if you like this, you can sign up to get an alert for each new piece of content on this – “thing that has yet to be defined or developed” (I hesitate to use the b word) with your email on the right sidebar!

Peace out 🙂 …drop of “figurative” mic…